Care for Spots That Have Been Frozen or Shaved

  • Clean with tap water and a cotton swab twice a day.
  • After cleaning apply white petrolatum (Vaseline) or bacitracin (Neosporin) to keep the area moist. Do not let the area dry out and form a scab. Apply a bandage if desired.
  • Continue the above steps until healing is complete – usually one to four weeks.
  • If a blister develops after a spot has been frozen, you may puncture it with a clean needle and drain the fluid. Do not remove the top of the blister.

Lesion Treatment with Liquid Nitrogen

If you have received liquid nitrogen treatment for any type of skin lesion, it is possible that the lesion will not resolve with only one treatment. It is possible that multiple treatments will be required. If multiple treatments are required to resolve your skin lesion, it is possible that you will incur additional charges at time of subsequent treatments.

Looking for Post-Operative Care Instructions?

Read instructions for caring for surgical wounds.