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What Does BOTOX® Treat?

Experienced injectors also use BOTOX® to address cosmetic issues beyond these three signs of aging. These are known as “off-label” applications, and they are well researched and widely used by providers around the country. One such application is injecting BOTOX® to relax the muscles that cause “bunny lines,” which are wrinkles on the sides of the nose. Another application is shaping the jawline with masseter BOTOX.

We can explain more about what BOTOX® can do and determine if it is the best treatment for your aesthetic concerns when we meet for an initial consultation.

Learn the many uses for BOTOX® at the Little Rock area’s Dermatology Group of Arkansas.

There are many uses for BOTOX® at the Little Rock area’s Dermatology Group of Arkansas. The FDA has approved the injectable for use in relaxing muscles that cause horizontal forehead lines, lateral canthal lines (known as crow’s feet), and glabellar lines (known as frown lines). Experienced injectors like ours can also treat other signs of aging, such as bunny lines next to the nose.

How Does BOTOX® Work?

The active ingredient that allows BOTOX® to smooth out wrinkles is a chemical that keeps muscles from receiving instructions to contract. When you want to make a surprised face, for example, your brain sends out signals that go to the muscles responsible for making the expression happen.

Over time, as youthful skin loses its elasticity and ability to easily return to a smooth, unlined state, routine muscle contractions cause wrinkles to develop. These lines are most visible when the related muscles pull the skin as part of a facial expression.

Any muscles injected with BOTOX®, however, don’t get the message, so they stay at rest. This means you can still make the expression, but it will happen without creating age-revealing lines and wrinkles.

It is important to understand that BOTOX® is a proven safe treatment, but it is also a very powerful one. For that reason, it should only be administered by injectors who are familiar with its application and who have the proper training. Not only is choosing a qualified and professional injector who works in a clean and safe environment ideal for your health, but also for your appearance.

Our injectors understand how BOTOX® works, so they can customize the injections to your needs. The result will be a natural look that makes you appear refreshed and rejuvenated.

What Can You Expect From a BOTOX® Treatment?

How Long Do BOTOX® Results Last?

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