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How Does Dermaplaning Work?

If you’re familiar with shaving with a razor, you already understand how dermaplaning basically works. By moving a scalpel-like blade in careful, feather-like strokes, we can gently exfoliate the skin while removing unwanted fine hairs on the cheeks, chin, upper lip, and elsewhere. This allows the fresh and clean skin below to be seen, opens pores, and stimulates circulation.

There may be some slight redness in the day following a dermaplaning session, and you should be extra sure to wear sunscreen when going outdoors, but no downtime is required, and the results are visible right away. Patients with acne outbreaks, skin infections, and cold sores are advised to wait until their condition resolves before choosing dermaplaning.

What Can Dermaplaning Address?

What Other Exfoliation Treatments Are Available?

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