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What Can Laser Procedures Treat?

Since laser procedures are so versatile, they can be used in a variety of ways. Their main strength is in sending light into the skin, where the visible energy is converted into invisible heat. Cells that are darker-pigmented than the surrounding tissue absorb more of this energy, typically rising in temperature to the point where they are damage or killed. This is especially beneficial for cosmetic problems such as spots, redness, and visible vessels.


Laser procedures can be quite effective on reducing the appearance of scars from surgery, acne, and trauma. Scars are signs of the body’s efforts to repair itself. Unfortunately, these repair efforts sometimes involve collagen fibers being built in ways that make the healed area look different from the surrounding skin. Light energy can remodel the existing collagen for a more uniform surface, as well as kick-start fresh collagen production so that the scar tissue is ultimately less noticeable.

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