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How Do Chemical Peels Work?

Exfoliation is a common treatment, with techniques that include vaporizing areas of skin or shaving it away with a blade. Chemical peels work differently, in that they act directly on the unwanted cells and cause them to ultimately flake away on their own.

First, we apply the appropriate solution to your face, then leave it on for a specified amount of time to allow it to penetrate as deeply as necessary for the desired result. Your skin may feel tender, appear red, and be sensitive in the hours and days following your treatment.

The old, outermost layers of skin will come off soon after your chemical peel, which provides several benefits: The newly exposed skin will be smoother and clearer, with a more radiant appearance. Peels also prompt healing actions in the skin, such as renewed production of collagen and improved circulation. This provides ongoing benefits.

What Can Chemical Peels Address?

Which Other Treatments Work Well for Improving the Skin?

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