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How Does PRP Work?

If you get a cut or similar wound, your body floods the area with disc-shaped platelets, which clump together and create barriers to stop the bleeding. The fact that platelets rush to areas in need of healing and kick-start repair processes makes them ideal for improving other types of damage, too.

A PRP treatment begins with taking a small amount of your blood and putting it into a centrifuge to rapidly separate out the various components. Plasma is the liquid part, and the platelets are microscopic cell fragments. By isolating these two elements of your blood and combining just the two of them back together, we create plasma rich with platelets. The resulting PRP can be applied topically or injected into areas that could use revitalization.

Once introduced, the platelets get to work by prompting healing of local damage, whether caused by age, environmental factors, or injuries.

What Can PRP Address?

At Dermatology Group of Arkansas, we use PRP for two primary treatments: skin rejuvenation and hair restoration.

What Results Are Possible With PRP?

Healing and producing collagen take time, so the effects of PRP treatments tend to be gradual, but noticeable. You can discuss your specific expected timeline for results with us during your consultation.

What Else Is Available to Rejuvenate the Skin?

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