5 Things to Think About Before Having Fillers

Unsure about what to consider before having dermal fillers? Our Little Rock-based team at Dermatology Group of Arkansas is here to guide you through the process if you’re interested in facial fillers to minimize wrinkles or improve the definition of your facial contours.

As the quest for youthful, radiant skin continues, dermal fillers have emerged as a very popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Fillers are injectable substances that help restore volume, smooth wrinkles, and enhance facial features. Before considering this treatment, however, it is crucial to understand what dermal fillers are and what you should know before choosing them.

See below for five key considerations to ensure that you have the best possible experience and optimal results from fillers.

  1. Understand What Facial Fillers Are

Facial fillers are injectable, gel-like substances that can be added below the surface of the skin as a way of restoring volume to certain areas or reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Fillers shouldn’t be confused with BOTOX®, which is an injectable neurotoxin that relaxes muscles by preventing them from contracting to stop the dynamic wrinkles that are linked to our facial expressions.

  1. Decide On Your Goals

Getting fillers is about more than achieving a younger-looking appearance. If you’re having facial fillers, it’s important to think about what look you want to achieve before your appointment. Are you aiming for a subtle refresh or an obvious enhancement? You can check out before-and-after photos to get a better idea of what kind of results you can expect.

  1. Think About the Lifespan of Results

Facial fillers are temporary treatments and won’t last forever. Your body will eventually break them down. If you like the results and want to maintain them, you’ll have to come back for touch-ups once a year or more.

  1. Fillers Aren’t a Cure for All Skin Problems

Facial fillers work very well for adding volume, but they aren’t designed to address issues relating to the general tone, texture, and quality of your skin. You will need other types of treatments for uneven pigmentation, dullness, and other conditions.

  1. Ask Lots of Questions

You can ask us about our experience, aesthetic, and style to ensure that our approach aligns with what you hope to achieve. You can also ask us about what kind of results you can expect, the techniques we use, and what you could do to reverse the effects if you were ever unhappy with the results.

For more advice about what to consider before having dermal fillers, contact our Little Rock-based Dermatology Group of Arkansas team so that we can explain everything you should know about this treatment. Call us at 501-227-8422 or submit a contact form to schedule a consultation.